TomahawkPHP is a full-stack PHP 5.6+ Framework
built on top of Symfony3 Components


Version 2.1.1 is our current release. Packed with lots of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Why Tomahawk?

Tomahawk has enough great features to get you started on most projects. It uses the Symfony3 Http Kernel for processing requests as well as other components to make your development easier. Check out some of them below!

Basic Features

  • MVC
  • Routing
  • Dependency injection
  • Auto-loader through composer
  • Command Bus

Data & Storage

  • Doctrine DBAL and ORM
  • Cache powered by Doctrine


  • Create templates through Symfony's PHP Engine and Twig
  • Translations
  • Locale
  • Form builder
  • Flash messages


  • Swiftmailer email support
  • Event dispatcher
  • String helpers
  • Array helpers