Auth Manager

The auth manager handles a users authentication status.

The easiest way to use the Auth Manager is to make sure your Controllers extend Tomahawk\Routing\Controller. You then have access to it through $this->auth.

Otherwise just add the following parameter to the construct method of your Controller Tomahawk\Auth\AuthInterface and it will get injected in through the Service Container.

Please note: Before getting started, make sure that the password field is a minimum of 60 characters.

Auth Handlers

Tomahawk ships with 3 Auth Handlers:

  • Database - A simple handler using the Illuminate Database Component
  • Eloquent - An Eloquent handler if the User Model is extending Illuminate's Eloquent Model
  • Doctrine - When your using the Doctrine ORM

Setting Up


The config for Auth Manager can be found in the app/config/security.php and will look like the following.

Creating a User model

Your User class needs to implement the Tomahawk\Auth\UserInterface interface.

You should have a model which looks something like the following:

Authenticating Users

Manual Authentication

To authenticate a user to pass the username and password to the attempt method.

Please note: The username and password names must match those in the config.

Manual Authentication With Extra Checks

You might want to also check other parts of the account:

Checking If User Is Logged In

Checking If User Is Guest

Logout A User

Getting The Logged In User

Logging Out The User

Automatically Logging In A Users

If you already have the user model you can pass this the the auth manager to log them in: