Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.6.4+ (We recommend 7.0 as its awesome)
  • PDO Extension
  • MCrypt PHP Extension

Installing Tomahawk

Tomahawk uses Composer to manage its dependencies. You can download it here.

Via Composer

You can run the following to pull down Tomahawk Standard and install the framework:

composer create-project tomahawk/standard project-name


Tomahawk Standard is the front end to the framework. It contains all your config files, views, controllers etc.

You can download it here. Extract the zipped file to the directory you'll be running the site from and then run the following in that directory.

composer install

You now have TomahawKPHP installed!

Open your project in a text editor and open app/config/request.php

Change the host and port values to your required needs and open in a web browser.