Directory Structure

A TomahawkPHP installation has the following directory structure. If you've used Symfony or Laravel, its quite similar (Although that was on purpose).

Directory Structure

App folder

This contains config files, resources such as translations, doctrine migrations, proxies and mappings and templates.

The AppKernel is where you add/load your Bundles.

hatchet is the cli for TomahawkPHP.

Bin Folder

If phpunit is installed the cli for this will be in here along with any others from dependencies installed through composer.

Src Folder

The most important folder of them all. This is where the default application bundle lives and where your code should live. This folder is PSR-4 autoloaded so its ready to go.

Var folder

This is where cache, logs and session data lives.

Vendor folder

The Composer vendor folder.

Web folder

This is where the frontend controllers app.php and app_dev.php live. Its also where you css, js and other assets go.